Monitoring. Control. Flexibility.


What is LINK?

LINK is a bespoke smart boat monitoring and control solution designed exclusively for professionals in the marine industry. Designed by the multi-award winning smart technology software developers at Smart Yachts International. LINK is the most comprehensive remote monitoring solution available for marine environments.

LINK Integrations

LINK offers control and integration solutions for a huge range of on-board equipment and alarms. It connects directly to the NMEA 2000 bus to provide alarm notifications and status feedback as well as control of on-board devices remotely. LINK also integrates with the KNX bus, MQTT devices and all leading smart home control platforms, including Savant, Control4 and Crestron.

LINK Control

LINK Interface Example

Expansive Integration

Supports integration with NMEA 2000 bus, KNX bus, MQTT devices, smart home control platforms, media devices and more. NMEA OneNet ready.

Remote & Local Monitoring

Remote monitoring of on-board devices and equipment via the NMEA bus. Local monitoring and control including logging for engineering tests and transportation.

Remote & Local Control

Live two-way control of devices and equipment on the NMEA bus both remotely and locally. Direct control of media, lighting and audio devices.

Notifications & Alarms

Set alarms and notifications as required, including email notifications, SMS alerts and dashboard notifications to multiple accounts.

Fully Flexible

Fully dynamic cloud design to enable easy modification and addition of new features as technologies change and evolve without the need for site visits.

Low Power

LINK is designed to be high in processing power yet low in both data usage and power consumption. Powered directly by NMEA bus.